Don’t call it destiny

I knew at a young age that I was a Sagittarius.

My family was well-read in astrology. By announcing your birth date, they could tell you your sign, your element, and your planet. My parents are a Virgo (earth, Mercury), and a Cancer (water, Moon). My brothers are a Taurus (earth, Venus) and an Aries (fire, Sun).


I call this Sag Badge. Made in Inkscape.

I am a Sagittarius, also known as the Archer, ruled by fire and Jupiter. As a kid, I was a non-athletic bookworm, reading on porches during the summer, and there were so many astrology books telling me who I might be one day. Between following the misadventures of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield in Sweet Valley, and the homicidal stars of Christopher Pike mysteries, I was sure to stop by the occult section of Waldenbooks to see what Sagittarius was working on.

According to most sources, the Archer is funny, optimistic, independent, moral, curious, a risk-taker, something of a philosopher, impatient, and tactless. Our colors are blue and purple. What a list! A great friend and partner! Winning at life! The truth is, I’m no risk-taker, as I’ve never lost more than $50 in a casino, I haven’t skydived, and I’m only sometimes funny as I rely too much on puns. I do wear a lot of blue and purple, though.

My young mind read this information and took it for the suggestions they were intended. I wasn’t a dauphine or a Messiah. I was just another person on the planet, and since I was born in the US, I was expected to be a decent person and make something of myself. I could only move up.

Admittedly, it gets much more complicated if you try to date according to your sign, but who has time for that? After all, if neither of you are a paragon of your sign, the point is moot. As you might expect, I eventually turned to personality tests, which have a more concrete description of my strengths and weaknesses.

It turns out, I’m still optimistic, independent, and curious. So I take it with it a grain of salt, and continue on my way.

P.S. I’m an ISTP.

Writing prompt found here.


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